We want to rip music to our Xbox One consoles.

It is mind-blowing how Microsoft has decided to intentionally block the ability to rip music to the hard drive. For a simple feature that has been around since the first Xbox, you would expect the functionality to remain. 

I want to rip my CDs to my Xbox One so that I can listen to the music I like as background music in game. I dont want to have to put on a separate audio source in the room like my computer or phone.

Microsoft, you have created a basic CD Player. You now need to expand upon that and allow us to rip songs to our console and allow us to play music while games are running. 

If you continue to ignore and frustrate your loyal supporters you will not have loyalty for long. The user interface is so frustrating for this console and little things like the lack of support of ripping an audio CD show how this product is going to fail as consumers will move towards a superior product.

I strongly urge anyone to bump this thread until Microsoft shows that they are listening to their customers and the reasonsble requests they make.


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