We have two XBox One's in the house how can we share games

Hello, I don't play Xbox One's in the house and these kids are driving me crazy ok ... Xbox 1 my son has downloaded games on it and Xbox 2 is my other kid box but it doesn't have the game my son friend wants to play on Xbox2  on it and his friend is over here  is there any way to download the game that is on Xbox1 to the other Xbox2 and both of the kids play ... any help would be Greatly Greatly  Appreciated  ... If more info is needed let me know Thanks in advance 


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The kid on Xbox 1, make his home console on Xbox 2 and vise versa

Have you got gold? If so, you can share games between Xboxs. You would just need the one Gold membership. Here is a link describing the benefits of game sharing. news.xbox.com/.../xbox-one-digital-games-and-live-gold

Sounds like you need to make one of the Xboxs the Home Xbox which you would go to Settings then My Xbox then My Home Xbox and make sure that it is selected.

I am not sure with the rest but I have an idea of having each child's profile on each other's Xbox even though they have their own and then seeing if that would work with each other sharing games.

Another way is to get an external hard drive and copy the game from one onto the external hard drive and then plug it into the second Xbox and you can move it onto the second Xbox. I never done this before so I don't know if it would work. I thought that it might be a good idea to try out just in case.