We have internet explore why not have skype

I mean really why not have skype anyone have any ideas on how to suggest this to microsoft so they can add skype as an app


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I wondered the same thing myself.... makes no sense....

Maybe, just maybe, those Features that make up Skype are already Features on Xbox LIVE? It wouldn't really make sense to give people a "party chat" while a Party Chat already exist on Xbox LIVE.

What I mean is really, people want an App for VoIP while on Xbox LIVE? It's there already, plug in a Mic.

Skype makes sense from a family room communication standpoint. I'd be surprised if there wasn't a version of it in the works for use with Kinect.

There was a story in the news the other day about microsoft using skype instead of the messenger service.

i didn`t pay the story much attention but if you google it i`m sure it will still be out there.

I wondered the same thing, Skype makes much more sense. All browsers on consoles lack proper Flash/Java support and are just a chore to use in general. With skype i would actually use it.

No clue. This is a question I've asked myself. MS OWNS skype...why not use it? Not every one has a Kinect for VideoKinect...

If you don't think they are bringing skype you are delusional. It will just take time. After all they need content for the next dash update besides even more ads.