We are MS's loyal servants, I demand better treatment.

Earlier today I posted a informative interesting post about xbox 1's VR, and my post was unjustly removed! This is not fair, and I will be writing MS corporate letting them know the appalling treatment the mods are showing their fans. My brothers ripen harra, N7, cod dukes take offense to this, and if we don't see results and and are treated better we will boycott these forums!


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Who is we and for the MODS they do the best they can and go buy the Xbox Forum Rules....

The C.o.C Rules    www.xbox.com/.../codeofconduct

That is the XboxLive Code Of Conduct @WarPig

I believe the rules you are looking for are, Xbox Forum Guidelines, Guideline Addendum To The Rules

How are you not banned yet?

To be fair the OP has not done much wrong in his short presence here.

This thread though is in direct violation of the Rules Addendum to the forums.

Do not repost content a moderator has removed, repost a topic that has been locked, remove a post edited by a moderator or post about forum moderation decisions.If you have a question or concern about a forum moderation decision, please private message the applicable moderator.