Watching Olympics!

What (free) apps are there for the XBOX 360 where people can watch the Olympics live?  As in live coverage.  Commercial breaks are alright. My roomie really like the Olympics but we don't have cable.


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Without a gold account there are none, with a gold account but without a cable subscription there are some on demand channels, but  the quality of the service via XBL makes it more of a chore than a pleasure, i suggest terestrial TV or going round to a friends house if there is something you specifically like to see...

Both my roomie and I have a gold account.  I'm guessing that on-demand channels means they have a cost attached to them.

You mentioned apps that are "more of a chore than a pleasure."  What apps would those be?

Surely (and I haven't been checking so i don't know for certain) ESPN app should have some coverage.  


He may have been talking about Verizon's Fios app, which could have some coverage since it covers a lot of regular channels.  But for sure check the ESPN app as it will likel yhave at least an ad for "coming soon".

Unfortunately ESPN won't be having any sort of broadcasting or streaming rights for the Olympics. Those rights belong to MSNBC/NBCSports and their streaming option is only available for those who currently have a cable or satellite subscription that includes access to either of those channels.

The "Today"  and "MSN" apps will have some coverage.......  Not the real time streams but lots of clips and info.  Load times suck though.  Oh and Youtube is supposed to be live streaming some events in some countries......

You want BBC iPlayer...I can't see any of the suggestions so far having any coverage? So far on BBC1 and BBC3 it's been advertising coverage for iPlayer and 5OD but not sure how much is actually going to be on 5OD.

If you head on over to, you can sign up to watch many Olympic events like table tennis and badminton. Most of the major sports (swimming, diving, gymnastics, etc) will only be shown on TV during the NBC Olympic programming, unless you have a TV subscription to the network. Then, you can watch any and every event online too! Neat, right?

NBC is regular TV you don't need cable to watch it.