Watch / Record TV with an HD PVR 2 on the Xbox One?

Is there a way to watch TV on the xbox one with the hauppauge HD PVR 2? {tried connecting my cable box to the HDMI in port on the xbox one and had my HD PVR 2 out towards my TV which also is connected to my laptop to get that 2nd screen to record but gives me a black screen and the only way to watch TV on the xbox one is have it connected to the TV 100% fully}


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Not that I can see. Xbox ONE is exclusive in design but there is always a way around a stink hole.

You would be able to if you upgrade your TV to a smart tech quad core machine and then well you don't need the HD PVR either. Basically these machines will record anything on the screen feed including game footage direct through USB port to 2Tb micro drive.

It;s easier to do away with technology and upgrade to integrated because it will do many things that was somewhat more difficult before. Technology solves our problems by introducing us to new and more simplified processes with one intention to come up with a way of making us believe it is better.

But throughout the technical age of ups and downs there are truly beneficial upgrades that need to be taken on-board and supported. This is one of those times where the smart TV is going to make  a difference in how you entertain your thoughts. Anyone who uses a TV will replace it with a smart TV. A machine that gathers information about you for you and advises you about what it thinks you might like to watch and records content on the basis of how good you are at using its technology.

Your choice is not questioned.  It's now integrated into when you turn on the switch and where you are guided in your entertainment. The T.V. will not question your judgement or scorn your taste, it will serve to you entertainment 24/7 even if you want to record it for nostalgia  the likes of most internet users will know that most TV is watchable up to a week later from the station websites today, so what tomorrow holds is probably better.

The desktop is dead and the laptop is almost obsolete except that it holds software programs for data management on a portable scale. Tablets are getting more savvy but are just a big ugly mobile phone for people who now don't need glasses to read their iphone or Android screen- who needs it will buy it but the usage time is diminishing faster....

This tech crazy design fanatic world is changing very quickly now.  It's hard to tell what if any visible visual devices we will be using in Six to Seven years or 2020.