Was Promised One Free Name Change - Almost a Year and Still No Free Name Change

So when I was playing on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, I realised it was using my Xbox username, which is to be expected since Microsoft owns it, but I've never associated that username with Minecraft and I wanted my Minecraft username to display instead; I took to support to explain this in which I was given a response by a member of staff, I was told that I could change my username once for free, I went to the gamertag page and some text said I could change it for free, to support what I was told.

Now I hadn't used my Xbox account in so long, so I had to update some details, that of which caused me to have to wait 21(?) days, which I did; however after that time was up I went to change my name and it tried to charge me for it. I got mad and I cooled down and never went on Minecraft W10 again.

Recently I started playing Section 8: Prejudice, as I was a fan of the first game; it wanted me to install Windows Live, which I did with minimal issues, getting the DLC to work was the only issue.
Now I realised that in this game it's using my Xbox username, which again now that I think about it is to be expected, but the same problem arises that I don't want my Xbox name associated with that game, I want my Steam name associated with it.

This has brought me back to this site, to which I still can't change my username once for free, I was promised that I could and still haven't been able to; so I've decided that if you won't let me change it for myself, then I want you to change it for me Microsoft.

Username: SwissxPiplup

Thank you.


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