What kind of warranty comes standard with the Xbox one ? I've looked all over and I can't see one. I assume its at least 90 days or a 1yr with microsoft Thanks in advance :) Keep on gaming

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Guess  no one knows lol

I think its one year.


You must accept Xbox Terms of Use (including Xbox software terms and Standard Application License Terms), Microsoft Services Agreement, and Xbox One 1-year limited warranty. Some games have additional license terms.

1 yr hmmm hopefully if there's any problems it'll be in the 1yr mark

wonder if if they will offer an extended warranty , most cases you would be a sucker to get an extended warranty but for X1 it seems okay.

It's incredibly unlikely MS will have another hardware failure on the level of RROD. I imagine they doubled down on hardware testing, this is coming from a four time victim of RROD.

Also, MS support handled the dead systems fine, the downtime was annoying enough to make me switch to PS3 though. The game lineup, and new Kinect are enough to bring me back to MS however. Sony can keep their army of indies that they're using to pad a lackluster launch lineup, if you pull indies, cross platform and free to play from Sonys "massive" launch lineup all you're left with is Knack, Killzone, and Driveclub... But, I digress. Don't waste your money on extended warranties. In the highly unlikely event of another mass scale failure I'm sure MS will extended the warranty themselves like they did with 360.