Wanting to shine some light and finish a debate

After trolling around for answers as to why the ps4 had better hardware than the x1 I've had quite some time to play both. I also wanted to apologize to everyone I debated with on the inferiority of the x1 hardware. I was wrong and I'm not afraid to admit it. Below are my final truthful comparisons of the two systems during their launch window.

PS4 pros:

Multiplatform games tend to look better. But we're not talking a gtx 280 vs a Titan better.
Games install and are ready to play much faster at least with all the titles I've tested and many of the Sony exclusives ares ready to play after you insert the disc or a minimal wait time at best.
The UI is clean and easy to access almost anything.
The controller offers many functions. Headset support (including in game audio so you can use your pc headset for chat and gaming), a touchpad, and it even uses motion controls without the eye. It appears to be on par with kinect but I haven't tested it beyond typing.
What few voice commands they have are 1000 percent more responsive, however you are speaking them through a headset.
Playstation plus gives you more value with free stuff across all of Sonys platforms.
Very stable UI and I have yet to crash once in any game (with the exception of Battlefield). My xbox has hard locked a few times, but it was mostly during web browsing.
The system has a very tiny physical footprint. I also like how they worked their music software into the system you don't have to snap it to the screen.

That's about all it has over the x1 in my opinion.

PS4 Cons:

System runs hot and loud. it's by no means as loud as a ps3 or xbox360 but during some heavy gaming you can hear the jet start to take off.
You must suspend or close some apps to access others including going from a game to Amazon.
The Sony network is crap. I rented a few movies with the free 10.00 they gave me and on a 25mb connection I would bounce back and forth between sd and HD. Also their music service while I really like it tends to just stop working at times. I also seem to drop connection and have trouble accessing some of the psn features from time to time.
The controller battery life is a joke. At times I can game for 9 to 10 hours but when using the motion controls, headset features, etc I am lucky to get 6. Not to mention the cord included is at most only 3 to 4 feet long.
I managed to run out of "system memory" a few times while browsing the web and using the systems multitasking functions. The same amount of ram as the x1 rated at almost double the bandwith yet I seem to be pushing the limits with browsing ign, using amazon prime, and having resogun suspended.
A poor launch lineup in which the best games are a multiplatform and a 14.99 arcade title that was accomplished on a handheld.

Xbox pros:

Robust new UI full of features and it works blazing fast. On par with my high end gaming machine in terms of multitasking and flipping between apps and games. I could go on for days about what this system can do. The online community feels like a living breathing thing with the game clips etc - that's why I didn't even mention the share feature on the ps4. my facebook is for my friends, family, and coworkers to communicate with me not to show off my recent cod knife kill- and I really don't feel like sharing my facebook with my console.
The best online environment for watching movies, gaming, and downloading. I purchased Kick *** 2 in HD not a single problem and all of my movie and music library carried over from my previous xbox account. The music experience is 10x better than Sonys if they'd get rid of having to snap it. Let's not forget skype which is a must for any pc gamer now available on console.
The xbox one controller may not have many new features but it's a step forward from the 360. Sure the controller feels a little flimsy and easy to break, but so does the ps4s. it also has almost 4 times the battery life of a ps4 controller using two double a batteries. They have given me options to boot - if I want to charge it I can put in my battery pack, but if I'm in a hurry I can grab some spare batteries toss them in and keep gaming.
The tv features are unique and I love telling my xbox what channel to watch. Unfortunately the rest of my household hates this so it has to go. Personally, I loved telling my xbox to watch tv during a game, finding something pause it, and then flip right back to my game without ever touching a remote. This could go for any of the apps though because they're all loaded with intuitive voice controls.
it also runs quiet and only slightly warm even after being on for days.

The Cons:

The UI is a little cluttered and takes some getting used to.
It takes too long to start playing a new game. Once it's installed it's virtually the same on either system.
The lack of battery life and hd space information is extremely annoying. I have been on my ps4 for the last three days so if they've fixed this please feel free to correct me.
No headset support is awful. Most of us have these nice 1-200 dollar headsets we'd love to use on our x1 but can't. Sony really bested them here and sure I could just hook it up to the tv but most games require communication and the kinect mic is atrocious.
The biggest let down of the x1 for me is the hit and miss voice commands. I think it's due to the poor quality kinect microphone and if they could somehow patch the voice commands through our headsets in the future no one will be having issues.
My last complaint is really a neutral point, but I think we can agree the console is simply too big? I think it's beautifully designed and echoes reference to the original xbox and the 360 but if Sony can put their brick inside the system and shrink it down Microsoft should be able to do the same (I know someone is going to mention psu failure, but I'd be willing to risk it).

So in closing both have their work cut out for them. I am much happier with my xbox now that I've truly tested both systems in depth. I am also eating my words from a few days back basically bashing the x1. There are things I like about both platforms and things I don't like. The point I'm trying to are is the ps4 isn't a clear cut winner as most would believe. Also the graphical differences in the systems as of right now aren't as big of a deal as I once thought. A big thank you to Microsoft for giving us this amazing piece of hardware.

Happy holidays everyone and I hope you're enjoying your xbox as much as I am.

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Also sorry for the typos I was typing it on my tablet.

Thank you for your insight and views suddenly my Xbox One doesn't seem as bad as I perceived it to be.

One of the pros of having an external PSU is not having that heat in the console, therefore the xbox runs very quiet.  I have never heard mine.  The single fan in the playstation is cooling the Power supply AND the CPU/GPU.  Thats why it gets so loud.

Bacon that's what I figured. The psu is a toss up for me... I do like compact things in my entertainment center., but then again having something loud is equally annoying. After reading on e Sony forums that it wasn't normal I actually exchanged it at walmart to have my new one do the exact same thing. So far with my xbox I had to return one controller. but if you count that return I've had to replace my ps4 twice already (blue light of death and what I thought was abnormal fan operation).

Honestly IMHO ( though it's not worth much) even with the minor errors that was a beutiful read and probably the most honest review of both systems I have read. I know this wasn't a article it was just good to hear both sides of the spectrum and I totally agree with all of your points that is why I will be getting a ps4 next year to compliment my one. I'm really glad I read that you get a five star from me

OMGz let me go gout and swap my ps4 right now.

Why would u swap out ur ps4. That wouldn't be bright. Lol

Thats a pretty good write up to be honest!

Regarding Kinect voice commands, it works perfectly for me and English is not my native language. I had never ever had to repeat anything I said.

Just one thing I disagree is that Xbox One being "very" big. Is it really? Its little bit bigger than PS4 and if you have space where to put PS4 I am sure you can fit an Xbox One.

People are happy to cram 50" TV into their small lving rooms and get Galaxy Note smartphone the size of a book but Xbox One is "big" piece of kit? Cmon! :]

I'm not bothered by the size of the Xbox One. It's not exactly like it's trying to be a mobile device.

Good read sir and I agree with your views. Your post was the most honest and open I have seen for both consoles thank you. I own both as well and the PS4 can get loud at times and the Network still has aways to go its not on par with Xbox live.

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