Want to make my Avatar into a Firebender from The Last Airbender

With the new avatar series on Nick I was thinking it would be cool to try and make my avatar into a firebender from the show. In the ninja collection there are Flaming Tiger Fist and in the Assassins creed Universe section there is a Shao Jun outfit.

This is the combo I was thinking. Anyone see anything better or think this is my best bet?


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It should put the avatar item on any outfit you wear... Well, for my avatar it did.. It's only an add-on to your avatar [Like a prop] & doesn't erase any outfit you wear..

I know what you mean. The reason its seperate pictures is because I have not purchased either item yet. I was just showing them to ask is anyone thinks there is anything better.

I knew what you meant.. You could buy both & use the Flaming Tiger Fists, on the Assassins Creed outfit... It would look cool..

I've been bending the air lately.