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A forum area has been dedicated to feedback from the new Dashboard....MS might respond to it, stranger things have happened



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They won't listen.  Just like with the forums.  Hell, if they listened we'd not have that godawful grey blob taking up half the screen which we've had since the first NXE and which is still there with the new dashboard.

grey blob takes up half the screen?!?

Wasn't that why the ran a Beta test? Did they actually change anything from the Beta? (My guess would lean towards no). I doubt they'd listen any more than they did with this site.

Well, they didn't listen during the preview period, highly doubt they'll change anything now.

That forum is full of 'its rubbish' threads.


Any decent, constructive critisism is gonna get lost pretty quickly.

Yea many complained about things but its seems nothing has been done to resolve any of the issues; really think its terrible and would love for us all to be able to pick what one we wanted on our consoles!

The update is terrible?  I must be easy to please, because I've never had a problem with any of the updates thus far, and I really like the look of the new update..

When will we be getting 4od and the rest in the "coming this winter" section?  I didn't see anything to do with BBC iPlayer on the new update either, I think cockney charmer was on about it being available in another thread?  Any idea mate?

BBC Content to come early 2012, the other media stuff probably closer to or after Xmas i would imagine

I hate it!!! As since I have downloaded this update my xbox console no longer works it freezes everytime the dashboard loads up and now I can no longer play, due to this stupid system update, and not only that nobody will explain how this problem is getting solved and if they think im goin to fork out for another xbox or pay for repairs they have no chance, and it cant be my console as it is only a month old and worked perfectly fine until I got the update

I won't be negative. Yes, there are too many ads, but they're inconsequential to me - they aren't going to enhance my gaming experience, nor will they negate it. Youtube will be good, so will Lovefilm. I can watch 4oD and iPlayer etc through my V+ box, so thats neither here nor there for me. As long as they don't clog it up with too much sh1te I'm not bothered.


I fully expect a browser on the next generation M$ console.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.