Want to buy my first xbox

I'm also buy a playstation... because the xbox staff are terrible..... I made a message on the enforcement forums page... asked a person a question... they replied to it then ii went and replied... never heard back... and live chat can't even help.

Only reason I'm buying an XBOX is because my girl wanted me to play xbox games with her, and I like halo.




there are 3 different XBOX ones here.. And I don't know what one I want to buy

Xbox one elite with halo 5
Xbox one limited edition halo 5
Xbox one limited edition with fallout 4 and pipboy   !!!! last place on planet to get a pipboy!


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What would you want: a game with an enchanced controller, a game with more space on the console or a game with a limited edition collectible (and more space)? Try a console with the most space personally.

I just want an option out of these 3 i've chosen there all 1TB consoles... just there different.. anyone will do but each one looks sexy

Support on these forums isn't "official". The same holds true on the Playstation forums. You will see Microsoft employees post on here as well as volunteers that have moderation abilities, but for the most part they are gamers just like you and I. Don't take the lack of response personally, it's very easy for posts to go unnoticed due to the sheer amount of users and posts here. At times moderation gets in the way of enjoyment on the forums.

I have a Day One edition console. It looks exactly like the standard console with the exception of label on the controller. I bought my kid a standard console last year after giving up on finding a Sunset bundle in white. My favorite available this year is the Halo bundle. You really need to see the console in person to appreciate it. I'll probably pick one up this holiday and give my launch console to my brother. You really can't go wrong with any of them though and it will come down to personal preference. Good luck with whichever you choose.

What game interests you more? H5 or FO4? Get whatever game you want more.


Tough decision , get the elite with the sweet new controller or the Halo 5 Guardians console dang. I would probably get the Halo console because it's so nice looking and it has halo sounds when you power it up or eject a game.

I say get the limited edition halo console if your a fan of halo, and to boot the controller that comes with the console looks very nice, same with the console itself.

Thanks everyone as I've said I've never owned an XBOX or Playstation before, and even my girl said halo edition.

So everyone agrees mainly on halo here, so i went with halo. as I've already got a pipboy edition of fallout 4 on pc. "pre-ordered"


Hello "ThePathOfBlood"  :)


If you want the game that is bundled with the console, then that is the way to go  :)


However, it is much cheaper to buy a high capacity external HDD (by paying a little bit extra) and get the 500 GB HDD consoles if you don't really care about the bundled games at all  :)


Have a nice day or afternoon or night "ThePathOfBlood"  :)