Wanna-be gamer needs additonal equipment.

Okay, imagine this. You are in a room, with a Black Xbox 360, a chair, a wireless Black Xbox 360 controller, a book safe to keep burgalers and snooping siblings out of your gaming equipment, and a pile of Xbox video games. Now, the question is: Will it blend? NAH I'm joking, the real question is: What's missing?

If you guessed Xbox hard drive, then you are VERY VERY WRONG AND IS HORRIBLE AT ANSWERING QUESTIONS. A headset is missing.

Okay, so, I'm tired of just playing a game, not wondering if my teamates are yelling at me and telling me to go this way or that, and I've decided to get one, but I need to know what kinda Headset would be good?

It must be wireless, produce good sound and gives a clear voice when I speak, and is near about $20-50.


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Nice post but I don't think you'll get wireless for that price I'm afraid. The official Tritton one is around £60 (not sure on exchange rate) and I think that's about the cheapest and I find it perfectly perfect. :)

The only thing you are going to get for the price is the Xbox Bluetooth and I don't know how good it is.


Anything else is going to be an expensive stereo or surround sound setup and unfortunatly they are "ALL" junk whether its Tritton, Turtle Beach, Astro, etc. even the wired ones are all garbage. The only possible way to get quality sound with a console is to buy a real pair of audio headphones a clip on mic and something like the Astro Mixamp. There are a few good headphones that already have a boom attached but they are quite expensive.