Waiting on xbox one in Germany, anyone have an idea how long it takes?

Ok so I ordered my xbox one and it got upgraded about a week ago to one of the day one versions (I had ordered it a bit late). 

Anyways I am currently living in Germany, and arranged for it to be sent per next day/1 day shipping. The only problem is that despite the fact that Amazon is showing it as dispatched, and that customer service claims it is on the way (they insist 1000% that it will arrive today), is that UPS claims they still don't have it, and my tracking number only shows that the label has been printed out, but that it hasn't been picked up yet. 

I ordered this xbox from UK on purpose to ensure that I would no longer have to wait for games to be sent here from the states. For that reason I am unsure how long it takes for items to be rushed from the UK to Germany. Based on the fact that it is about 3pm here right now I have pretty much accepted it won't arrive before the weekend. 

Could anyone weight in on this, or let me know if the Amazon got could be correct with his statement that the product will arrive today?

I realize there are half a million xboxes being rushed out of Amazon UK right now, but I can't help it; I'm a kid 


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If they say it will arrive today I suppose it will. It could take some time for the UPS system to update online information.


Kinda funny that you live in Germany and ordered your box from UK. I live in Finland and ordered my box from Amazon.de. Got my tracking number a couple of hours ago, should be here next week.

Yeah I speak German, but I just feel like the movies/games that I watch with german voice overs are half of what they are in english.

I listed to the trailer for BF4 in German, and it sounded like two teens who had just hit puberty talking about how to escape the drowning vehicle.

Either way, anyone can tell me if they think I can still be hopeful to expect it today despite the fact that it is 3 40 (4:40 here)?, or am I screwed until Monday?

I love you all. Anyone else in the boat I am?


Seems I am screwed.

Kind of crap that Amazon swore I'd get it today. Also I realise I am being a baby. I just am on business for the next 2 weeks and was hoping to play a bit of this before I left.

Anyone ever had a situation like this where it still showed up on the same day despite what Amazon said?

I've had UPS to deliver a package around 8pm but I think that's about the latest hour they make deliveries.


I totally get your point about German voice-overs, I watched Indiana Jones with them.


But isn't the UK power plug different from the one used in Germany?

I'm in Canada so I have a lot of time left the games I ordered are on truck already but my console isn't website still says I'll have it today though

I tried to call Amazon and ask for a refund due to the fact that it JUST NOW finally left Amazon despite being in transit since 12 noon yesterday.

However they wouldn't guarantee my giving them my order number wouldn't affect the shipment being cancelled. They just kept ignoring my question and demanding the order number.

I'm probably being paranoid, but I just hung up. I'll wait until the package has arrived on Monday to ask for my refund of the release day shipment charge.

Anyoen else disappointed that they have to wait until Monday?

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