my Inet-connection at home for my xbox 360 is currently like this.


VPN (through Ethernetport)<----(VPN Software Cisco Anyconnect)---- PC <---- (Mircosoft Internet Sharing ICS on VPN Client/ Static IP Local Crossover Network )---- Xbox360(gateway on PC IP-adress)

this works just fine, you just have to turn on ICS after Dialing via Cisco Anyconnect the pc into VPN


BUT it has a very unpleasant effect: unnecessary lag so random that I will now try to establish a new Solution but my Router knowhow aint that good.

THE plan:


VPN<-----(Router dials into the VPN, NOT creates a VPN itself)--- Router<----(router shares the VPN inet Connetction without PC Software)- PC

                                                                                                                    <----(router shares Inet with Xbox360 normally just like without the VPN)--- Xbox360


so THE question is now:

Is it possible and which router should I use to achieve that. I read a lot about Creating VPN with a Router but havent found anything about router logging into VPNS and sharing the Connection


The Cisco annyconnect dials only with 3 Information, Adress of the VPN Server, Login and Password


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