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How can we tell who the moderators & volunteers are? I read the FAQ thread and it said only those w/ the letters and symbols on bottom right of gamer tag. Is that right? Maybe I didnt read it all, but sometimes I get my questions answered by ppl without a symbol or letter on their gamertags. Do they work for these forums too?


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No the forum is "full" of helpful gamers like yourself who answer each other’s questions or just discuss general gaming or Xbox info. Anyone with an Xbox live account can post on these forums. The users with a symbol or letter below their GT are usually a Mod, Ambassador, and Developer etc. The volunteers are not an employee of Microsoft.

See how underneath your gamercard it says Level 1? If you see someone with an M, V, X they are all mods. Those letters mean different things which I wont get into. The other symbols next to those have different meanings.

If you click your level number you get taken to this page which describes what the letter levels and icons mean www.xbox.com/.../IconsAndLevels.


Moderators, those with an M level, it should be noted are volunteers. They don't work for Microsoft but give up their time to try and keep the site in an orderly manner.

Where you see the level for Example Level 2, It will say, " Level M " for a Mod :)

Xxj3n71eq0hnxX, some of your questions have been answered (such as the M, V, X) but keep in mind, Xbox LIVE does not use Moderators for Xbox LIVE itself.

Microsoft employs a specific group known as the Xbox LIVE Policy Enforcement Team. They are the only ones who enforce the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct while on Xbox LIVE. The Community User Level (CUL) on Employees of Microsoft will only be an "X" (from the Forums).

Moderators are to the Forums only and are volunteers. They do not work for MS and only enforce rules and activities on the Forums. The Community User Level (CUL) on a Moderator of the Forums will only be a "M" or "V".

Ok thanks for the info guys. I think I get it.

Tho I will not try anything unless I am instructed to do so by a moderator, since Im new to these forums