Voice recognition needs improvements I literally have to yell "XBOX ON" in hopes of the console responding which 8 times out of 10 never happens often leading me to manually turning on the system or abandoning play period do to heightened frustration. I recommend the option of the user being able to change the power on command, the power on default command be reconstructed in the manner to be something such as "XBOX AWAKE", improving the consoles responsiveness while in "sleep mode".

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You need to calibrate the Kinect. It's in the options. It works almost flawlessly for me. I only ever start having issues when I have my sound going pretty loud, then it starts to have issues hearing me.

I've recalibrated at least a dozen times trying different volume levels each time no improvements, and my background noise is very minimal. After the game is on the voice commands work flawlessly, just using voice commands for start up after hours of idle seems to be the downfall. I feels as if you should be able to command the Xbox by headset through voice commands as well in addition to manually pressing maybe the Xbox button on the controller twice to force the Xbox into listening mode. Just suggestions that may improve the systems quality as well as sales.

Do not yell at it. And make a puase intbetween your words.

Example, Xbox... On.

I have noticed through when my friends visit my home they love the idea of using the voice command but never can work it because they do not pause after xbox. Then i will chime in and with only one try the xbox will turn on.

I've been having the "yes" voice command issue when trying to turn it off lately, which is odd because it worked fine before. I can say the word in 20 different ways in 20 different pitches & get absolutely nothing out of it. It's so maddeningly frustrating...

Interestingly enough, the "more shortcuts" option when I simply said "Xbox" by itself does the exact same thing - NOTHING.

If you move your Kinect you have to calibrate it each time and also remember to leave a brief pause after Xbox, then say your command.

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gg - try some different accents now.  lol!

I don't want to say the X1 is a clusterBLEEP, but it's pretty close. lol

Dude, something is not right.... your calibration or maybe you dont know when to say and what to say..... because I'm constantly impressed at just how well voice commands works.

GG.... you are having the problem I had before the last update???

That last step in shutting down.... the yes or no dialogue box that pops up.... many times that just would not work with voice. But since the update I haven't had that happen.

GG..... are you beta testing the April update?  is it possible they bring that problem back with the April update??????

Way to go Microsoft!  

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