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Is any one else having an issue with voice commands? I am currently getting around 1 in 4/5 commands first time, I tend to spend a bit of time repeating and my commands, and my son is virtually unable to use voice commands.

And yes I have recalibrated the Kinect a number of times. 



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It doesn't work for me all of the time but I'd say a good 90% of the time it does.

Don't know if it's just me but the times it doesn't tend to work is when I find myself shouting at it, not sure why I do this lol

Overall though, very impressed with how good it is.

To be honest where you said you've recalibrated it I'm not sure what to suggest, hopefully someone else has some ideas.

I'd say it's a little better than 1 in 4, but not much. I also get it the little hands at the side of the screen randomly appearing and my projector being recognised as a guest!

Still not reliable enough to be useful for me.

95% recognition! but I did live in a quiet house.

It is a case of using controller and voice commands for me, I know I have a fairly strong northern regional accent and some time drop either first or last letters, I am just wondering how voice commands will get better?

With the Oneguide now available for uk  it's just not consistent enough at the moment to only use voice commands.

OneGiude is a great addition to a fantastic Xbox One I am just hoping there is an update for Kinect coming soon to improve the voice commands even further.

^ do

Bea I have similar problems due to my accent. When I say "that" it sounds more like "tha" so when I want to record something I just say "Xbox Record It" so that the console can hear the "t" on the end. Silly I know  but it works :D

I'll try that Cloud... might be why Kinect ignores me half the time, lol.


Trust me dude it works a treat! My wife has a different accent to me and she closes her words properly. So when she talks to the Xbox, it works just fine. I had to think of a work around and it works spot on :D let me know how it works for you mate!

I need to put on an American accent for it to recognise me correctly.  I'm guessing it's the accent.

Blimey havnt seen you on here for a long while!  welcome back!

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