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I live in Denmark and up till recently I had the joy of shifting my locale to the UK to use voice commands. However I can't use my credit card when doing so, which means I have to change locale every time I want to make a purchase. It is quite annoying and I dont understand why there is not an option to set my language to english and use the voice commands while living in Denmark. I prefer using english and most gamers in Denmark do. Why isn't this an option in all non english speaking countries?? 


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Hey Jesse Zin,

You can give feedback to use and we will see what we can do, we love feedback from our fellow users,


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What do you mean "we will see what we can do".  Who is this "we".   Lol!  

I know what it feels like, at Launch, Microsoft blocked New Zealand locale from being able to use voice commands. I had to change it to Australia locale (which is only 2 hours behind NZ time) to use it. And from my research, Microsoft is going to do the same thing for Windows 10 Cortana when it comes to PC's next month, for NZ.

However, a couple of months ago, Microsoft provided a Dashboard Update to enable voice commands for unsupported countries. Go to System, press A on Language & location, keep your country, go to spoken language, and select any supported language. I have mine said to NZ locale and spoken language English (Australia).

English is English. I wish I was born in Australia. Microsoft's excuse is this dialects and accents nonsense. NZ is a commonwealth country with other 4 million but they leave us out because we're small probably. But they do have offices in NZ. If Samsung doesn't restrict voice commands on their smartphones, I don't see why Microsoft has to do it. We are humans not robots who have specific accents. 21st century technology is capable of voice commands.

I've got the same problem, Jesse. I live in Norway and has my Xbox set to US to be able to use the English menu and Kinect commands. The way i solved the purchasing problem was to use Xbox One Smartglass on my phone, and set the settings to not use the Xbox Localisation. Thereby having the phone app in Norwegian where i can buy the games and the console itself to a English speaking country.