Voice chat problems.

hey guys, since modern warfare 3 came out whenever i am in the in game chat the quality of people talking is really poor and sounds muffled for me and all my friends i play with but in party chat its fine for all of us. I searched the internet around the time the gem came out and people were saying it was modern warfare 3 and they were working on  a fix for it.

Anyway i have started playing halo reach and the same thing happens in the in game chat and i have checked MW3 and its still happening. Does this happen for anyone else? i use turtle beach x11 but it also happens with all of my friends and most of them use standard headsets.


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Wouldn't it happen to everyone then? i have played with a few people and they sound ok

It's just crappy sound codec for the games. It's the same for me too. A while back the codec for chat got updated and some games still use the old chat codec thingy, and thus it sounds like @@@. MW3 is one of these games.

forgot to mention i have tried 3 different controllers too and used the normal headset instead of the X11's

That's exactly what we call it. Any idea how this can be fixed? like i said it happens on those two games (i havnt been able to try anymore) and it happens to all the friends is play with which is at least 10 and most randoms sound like it when we are playing too but not everyone.

It happens with different headsets and only happens with the in game chat and is fine in a party

maybe you sound like the farty mic guy they seem to be everywhere

Some of my friends sound a little different in game chat from party chat on Reach, but the clarity remains the same.

I can honestly say I have never really had this issue on either game.


The voice chat on both games has never realy been crystal clear but I have never had an issue understanding what people are saying.