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While working in conjunction with Kinetic, I could see VR Headsets allowing players in FPS to turn their head independent of the controller without ever taking their eyes off the game play. Having these two companies working together, Oculus VR Headset and Turtle Beach Headphones, Microsoft could definitely build an accessory that wouldn't be an gimmick like Kinetic. This would also boost sales of Kinetics for Xbox One and Xbox 360, making it more worth it since it adds another level of game play onto games. This means more revenue going towards beefing up future gameplay and consoles.


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I would gladly welcome a VR headset for my gaming pleasure, especially on the 360 or xbox one. I don't know why they haven't tried to jump at the VR market. Sony is making one, and I have a feeling others will jump in to do the same.

VR Headsets for Xbox One needs to be looked into, but one thing I hope they do, incorporate the headphones into the headset. That way we have VR and Headphones in one, saving space for our head and giving us better functionality. To totally immerse, they need to look into making VR headsets work with Kinetic. Kinetic would see the motion of your head, change your view depending on your head's orientation, but the controls should never rely on VR headsets to move about. That should be left to the controller...

So replace the right thumbstick with your head? Forgive me if I dont see the point of this. IMO VR needs full body immersion or else it isnt VR but just another gimmick. I love the Kinect and agree that VR would be a nice pairing of the technology. VR needs to be able to do more than that before I can see it as viable. Otherwise its just a personal tv screen.

Maybe in conjunction with a racing wheel or flight sim. Just cant imagine a fps. I think i would have a hard time adjusting to that without getting dizzy. Still it might be worth a try.