Virgin Media Superhub and random (but regular) XBL disconnects

I recently upgraded to 30MB cable broadband from Virgin Media (VM) and was therefore sent a replacement "upgrade" router; the Super Hub. At first everything was working fine and I didn't have any issues at all. However, the past couple of weeks my Xbox decides to randomly drop connection to the Super Hub and disconnects from Xbox Live.

Initially I thought it only happened when idling, which would not have been a massive issue, annoying but bearable.Unfortunately it seems to be happening more and more now even when in the middle of playing an online game, be it FIFA, Gears or the Battlefield 3 Beta.

Has anybody else suffered issues with the Super Hub and Xbox Live disconnections? Any advice on how to correct this increasingly frustrating problem?

I am connected (when it wants to work) wirelessly.

I must stress that I had no issues whatsoever with the previous router I had with my 10MB broadband. The Super Hub is also located in exactly the same position as it's predecessor.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Mate.

I too am with virginmedia and have the superhub on a 50mb connection. I was constantly being kicked off xbox live and the internet altogether only way to fix it was to switch it off for 30 seconds then back on.. It was doing my head in. Recently they upgraded the firmware on the superhub to enable you to use your own router by putting the superhub into modem mode only and your connected router to take full control of the wireless devices. It has worked perfectly since.

I recommend if you have a spare router lying around then hook it up. If you need any help doing this just let me know and I'll explain it all to you.

There is a way to solve this.  You can log into your hub and adjust your settings.  The best advice I can give is to visit the Virgin Media Forum, where you will be able to get a step by step guide.

never had any problems my self with the hub with XBL.

There is a way to solve the wireless disconnects every 40 minutes. Change your "802.11 mode" wireless speed from 300mbs, to 145mbs, under wireless settings in the advanced tab.

I did this under advised instruction 4 months ago after suffering the same issues and not once lost connection since.

I was having the same problem and turned the wireless mode down from 300. It now works perfectly, thanks.

Also try changing your wireless channel, some work better than others

Been having the same issues for 2 weeks now everytime i am in a party chat i get disconnected and also while playing games not online i get disconnected every 5 mins without fail, This even happens if i am using the apps or idle on the dashboard.  I am connected through a ethernet cable to the superhub. Tried changing settings and its still the same.

I've never had problem with the hub since disabling IP Flood Detection and Port Scan in the hubs services.  I only run it at 145 anyway since no adapter I have uses 300 there's no need to broadcast it.  You could also look at software such as inSSIDer to see what channel is the least used locally and switch to that?

I have those settings disabled and run at the lower speed on the superhub, it evens disconnects every couple of minutes even using d link router with superhub in modem mode. Its been happening for 2 weeks now.