Viewing avi, mkv, pdf files?

How can I view videos (avi and mkv formats) and pdf documents on my Xbox 360?




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.avi you will need to download the optional media update, you'll be prompted to download it when attempting to play a .avi while connected to LIVE. You'll then been able to stream or play them off a drive (provided it is FAT32) connected to your 360.


With .mkv you will need Windows 7 and the DIVX codec pack and you'll only be able to Stream the files from your PC.


.PDF you don't open on your 360.

I would, just convert the Matroska.mkv file, into a .wmv or .avi file & play it on your console.. There is no need to stream it or have your computer on, all the time etc.. Plus, you need atleast DivX to even understand Matroska Codecs etc..

Just convert it & be done with it...

You can convert PDF into .wmv /.avi, with certain software too..

what software converts PDF and mkv to a format viewable on 360?


Well if you want to convert .mkv then I'd recommend XenonMKV. It takes in the .mkv and spits out a .mp4 file the 360 will play happily.

I tend to forget that not everyone keeps there PC on 24/7 as I do, so that's why I tend to default to streaming options. If you wanted to do that and aren't running Windows 7 then you could go with a streaming program like PS3 Media Server (despite the name it works fine with the 360). This transcodes the video on the fly, which does reduce the quality but it remains quite watchable.

Nano has me beat on converting a .pdf into a video file. I'm not even sure how that would work to be honest and wouldn't make for a pleasant reading experience.

Going back to the PC options. If your PC has Vista or Windows 7 with Media Centre then you could use the plug-in which allows you to use a browser, that way you could view the files online. That's not something I've ever tried though. 

PDF is converted, into a video slideshow etc..