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Hi, didnt know where to post this so i went with here. I usually stream media from my laptop to my xbox and it used to work perfectally fine but the last few months i keep getting the "Loading" when it tries to resync the video and when the video catches up it has skipped like 5 mins, so a 45 minute video becomes possibly over an hour with me skipping and trying to get the video back to where it was!

The router i have is a WNDR3300, my xbox is hooked up using a wired connection to my router and i use the laptop wirelessly and dont have any spare ethernet cables to use for streaming!

Anyone have any advice??


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Buy an ethernet cable really, they're dirt cheap... I don't stream stuff anymore, I just keep all my media on a USB HDD.

i dont have any spare ports on my router! not to mention it is downstairs in another room (yes i know that distance affects the signal but like i said it has worked perfectally before) i do have an externall HDD but it is full so i need to use my laptop untill i can get a bigger HDD! :(

i had always issues using windows media centre,

so i use TVERSITY media server its free and is very user friendly

give that a try

Hi! That definitely sounds like wireless lag. You never specified whether you us Media Player or Media Center to stream, but Im guessing Media Player (to My Xbox \ Video Library)?

Try just changing radio wi-fi channels on your routers setup page, as if it still basically works (and had been fine previously) you may just be getting interference from a neighbours wi-fi router.

Hey thanks guys, i spent 20 mins playing about with my wireless settings and so far (2 hours of video) no lag what so ever! but thanks anyway guys :)

Either change the wireless channel number on the router, or invest in some Homeplugs and an ethernet hub.