Video out put from RCA with HDMI hooked up

Is there a way to make both the HDMI and Video from the HDMI cable work at the same time, I hooked up both of them and

the only thing that will work from RCA cable is Audio.  Is there a way to make Video work with HDMI hooked up.



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Not without external hardware, and even then it might not be feasible. If you want to record gameplay, an HDMI capture card for PC is probably best.

The TV encoder in the Xbox 360 can not output both composite and HDMI at the same time because it can only handle one output resolution at a time. Simultaneous HDMI and composite output would have forced it to output 480i over HDMI as well. Analog component was also left out as a consequence, in spite of having common resolutions. So, they simply turn off the analog video DACs when HDMI is detected.