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Just a little article i wrote for my blog about the use of Music in games and mentioning my top five. Thought I might aswell share it, see what peoples opinions are on music in games, when it works, when it doesn't Just a general discussion about it, or you can share what OST from a game you enjoy, or something like that.

Thanks for reading :)

There is an element to every video game that defines it and makes it unique; Distant from graphic experience, storytelling, script and gameplay, the music plays an important role in gaming experience; role that we, normally tend to relegate to a secondary level of importance. However, music is the key to complete the atmosphere of the gaming experience.

Since the birth of games music has played an important role, whilst back in the day it only provided an aesthetic quality, being composed merely of synthesized beats and computer chip music; today backing tracks can be the most intricate part of the story, letting you know exactly what environment you are entering, or about to enter.

Today many triple A titles rely on Orchestras to bring the game to life, titles such as Halo have revolutionized the way developers use music within their games. Games have begun to use music in the exact same way Movies started to use it nearly thirty years before, to create moods, atmosphere and tension. Today a game can be rated simply on its music, winning awards such as the Ivor Novello Award for best original video game score.

It has greatly expanded and become its own clique, splitting from the game it belongs to. People today will buy the OST (original soundtracks) to a game, or download it. Some people can play and play a game just because of its back catalog of ‘tunes’.

Which begs the question, what are the best ‘video games scores’ to grace modern gaming. We all remember the fine tuned tracks from Final Fantasy 7 and Mario; what do we remember from todays games, what games provide us with such an inventive piece of music that we fell compelled to sing or hum the beat down the local high street.

Well here’s my list, five video game soundtracks that I think are so good, they’re worth writing about…

  1. Super Meat Boy: McLarty – Party People

    The game in itself is a revisit to some 80/90′s classics, but the ‘chip tune’ beats in the game add a whole new vibe. This song in particular I thought was really catchy and created an ora of happiness whilst you die.
  2. Bayonetta: Fly Me To The Moon

    Once again, the game is magnificent however, the original soundtrack made for the game is glorious. Remixing the already brilliant Fly Me To The Moon is good enough, but the way that they have done it fits perfectly with the game. The Jazz feel to the song brings a whole new personality and atmosphere.
  3. Gears of War: Gary Jules – Mad World

    This alone is a brilliant song, originally featuring in the film, Donnie Darko, helped make one of the best trailers I have seen since the Metal Gear Solid 2 or ‘FF7′ trailer. The trailer really made you question the story, you became intrigued and it really distinguished from its competitor at the time, Lost Plant. Whilst it doesn’t directly appear in either of the first two games it does appear in the third, right before (SPOILER ALERT) Dom dies. I think it was probably the most appropriate choice of a song in a scene ever (so far).
  4. Call Of Duty Nazi Zombies: Elena Siegman

    Theres something about the songs that feature in the Nazi zombies easter eggs that make the game a whole lot better. Nothing like killing some zombies to a ‘rock’ track, blowing brains and all that. It also desensitize’s zombies for those who get a wee bit scared, instead of hearing the groans of a hoard you hear some chic.
  5. Deathsmiles: Burning Halloween Town

    The song has probably the most catchy opening, some crazy violin that actually made me continue playing this game. A game that I bought for £2 and didn’t expect much from, the general OST to the game made me fall in love, this song on its own though was enough to make me play. It goes so eloquently with the crazy game that you are playing, the song makes no sense as well as the game; perfect.
    Also, for the record, this game has a whole load more brilliant songs.

So there you have it, my top 5 video game OST’s, I could probably add more but these are the ones that stand out from the rest. I recommend you buy all of the games in the list, especially Bayonetta, ‘SMB’ and Deathsmiles. Very underrated but amazing nonetheless, Bayonetta got one of only 14 40/40 on Famitsu so it’s definitely worth a try.

Comment below with your top OST…


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Fair post Reagan I had no problem with the 'wall of text', unlike many who wander the forum I actually read books many of which have a WHOLE page of text without a break :p

My list would also include  RDR (which I like so much I purchased from Amazon) LANoire 'cos I'm old enough to remember some of them :-(  and Mass Effect soundtracks and I'm enjoying what there is in DeusExHR, I don't particularly take much notice of some game soundtracks and turn it off or down to barely audible most times 

My grouse is the damn 'spoiler alert' you gave us , I read very fast and my peripheral vision caught the spoiler before I could put the brakes on, ah well.:-))

I will still get the game at some point although knowing the outcome of a film or game is one of my pet hates.

I managed to play RDR for months and months having bought it on release but I only actually finished the storyline a few weeks back and was stunned ,same with LANoire but I had an inkling halfway through how it would end ..  

If you want to post spoilers and don't want people to see them then simply change the text colour to white in the Rich Formatting screen.

Yeah I do apoligise, I copied straight from my blog where it is more clear so I'm sorry. But thanks for the feedback anyways :) Just so future readers know, the Gears 3 sections has a spoiler if you wanna leave that bit, I ought to have made it grey.