Video Chat???

So we have this great new machine in the Xbox 1 but yet we can't video chat with our friends???

I'm not talking Skype, I'm talking about being able to go into my friends list, select a friend who is online and be able to invite to a video chat.

Why is this not an option?

Or I'm just an idiot and don't know how to use it???


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Why not just use skype    seriously... our chat is based off of Skype tech anyways.... it is there....

Xbox goto Skype... Xbox call "friend a"

Why would MS put time into video chat when they already have a more than acceptable solution which is skype? Plus they have enough issues to work on based on the sticky.

So you want to video chat? but you don't want too use Skype?


what's wrong with Skype for video chatting? it works perfectly.

Just seems to me it would be easier to be able to highlight a friend and click "Invite to video chat".

I agree they have other thing's that need fixing that are more important, this was just a suggestion more than anything.

I figured that would have been an option from day 1.