VGA problem with my Xbox 360

Hi i have a problem when using my xbox 360 as a media extender in conjuction with my win 7 home premium 64 bit netbook i am connected to my HD Tv using VGA i connect in 1080p 60 and can play my games perfectly. However when i use media connect it is down scaling the resolution to 640 x 480 which is unuseable. Can anyone help i have tried xbox support and they can't help ????


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Hi thanks for the reply the netbook in question is an HP Touch-smart TM2 some of the specs are core i5 8gb ram 512mb graphics card. So the spec is more than ample.

ITs probably because u are trying to do server loads on a Netbook...

If its an Atom cpu then its got about the same power as an average old Pentium 4 and most netbooks only have 1GB ram...  Windows 7 runs terrible on a 1GB Pentium 4 system...

Also, Running 64bit Windows on under 4GB ram is pointless and will make it slower and laggier than just running 32 bit windows as 64Bit windows takes up even more ram before u even launch any apps.

Hi does anyone from Microsoft read these forums from a technical capacity ??????

I did some looking around and this is what I found.

Windows Experts Community.

I thought I could find more, but that's all I could find. Hope it helps and/or as you say "Maybe" some representative from Microsoft can help.

Dont use media connect, set up Windows media center. I beleive home premium comes with media center.

I have been using VGA  for 2 years now.  Here is my settings for my Xbox.

  1. Screen Resolution : 1920x1080
  2. Reference Level : Expanded

If that doesn't help. It might be your settings in your TV.

Hello I also have this problem, googled it and it seems as many have this problem using VGA-cable.

Running Windows 7 and set up the Media Center with my xbox without any problem using HDMI cable, but if I use my VGA cable it downscales to 640x480 and then it just displays artifacts... Will link to another thread also describing this issue.

Anyone knows how to fix it? Or most it be fixed with a update, that I think never ever will be released? :P

Hi yes I do run the same settings it worked fine on my old system with XP Pro but on my new system with win 7 Home Premium no such luck. Is their a representative from Microsoft that can step in please and provide some answers.

Hi does anyone from Microsoft read these forums from a technical capacity ??????

Hi i am using windows media center form the pc ???