vG Recruiting now...

We are a newly formed clan, open to anyone over the age of 14. We're are looking for members to join so we can get into our first GameBattles leauge in time for MW3 and Battlefield 3's release.

The games that we mostly play are the Call of Duty series (MW2, Black Ops), the Battlefield Bad Company 2, Medal of Honor, Halo Reach and more.

We're casual gamers that enjoy a good laugh and joke playing online and we're not too serious when it comes down to matches.

If you are interested in joining vG then pop over to our website and fill in an application form, or contact myself (xx LordBeef xx), Dan (lzz D4DC zzl) or Daf (oDafThomas) and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Cheers for your time,



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