Very unusual microphone issue on 360

My friends commented that my voice was cutting out intermittently (at the start of speech), almost as if the vox (voice activated switch) feature of the system isn't working properly.

Here's the details of the situation:
1) I've got two wireless controllers (one on Lithium batt., and one on AA's), and one wired Razor Onyx controller.  All three have the same issue. 

2)I've got two white (wired) headsets, both have the same issue. 

3)I just purchased a new 3rd headset (black one), and it has the same issue.

4)I've attached the keyboard to the two wireless controllers, and used the jack on the bottom of that... it has the same issue.

5)I've adjusted the mic position to be very near, and very far from my mouth.... it has the same issue.

6)I've reset my cable modem, my router, and I've tried a DMZ option as well as a direct connect from xbox to the router.... it has the same issue.

7)My roommate has a 360 which I've tried to use, and it has no problems at all with any of my hardware (works perfectly)

8)I've matched his 360 settings on every menu I can find, and it hasn't changed anything.

The bottom line is that I'm fairly certain that this is a software or hardware problem within the 360 itself, and I cannot find another instance of this occurring on the forums.

My warranty is up, and I don't really want to replace the 360 just because a vox system isn't operating correctly....

Has anyone heard of this before, and is there a fix for it?


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I should note that the headphone audio is working perfectly.  It's just the microphone.