Very Hot Top Vent!

Hello, I just recently got an Xbox One and I noticed the top vent gets extremely hot pretty quick. Its not hot enough to make the system shutdown but its way warmer than all my friends consoles. If you have ANY information please reply. Thanks!


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When playing a game, the top vent should be on the warmer side. I have two xbox ones and neither of them gets ''extremely hot'' really warm but definitley not extremely hot.

Make sure you don't have anything on top of that fan on top of the console and that the power brick is well ventilated.

Would be more worried if the glass side is hot

Is it normal for your system to make a light cricket chirping sound when playing games. Keep in mind , its very faint but I can hear it during silent loading times. It sounds like its the disk inside the machine ? I just got this limited edition Halo system ( white ) so its fair new model.... My OCD is telling me to kill myself as I got a defunct machine... please tell me its not so bad ..

I never hear my mine make any noise other than the fan which is really quiet.

My XBOX ONE has never got extremely hot or no where near "hot". My 360 used to get a lot hotter then my ONE. I'd take it back and see if you can exchange it for another one (if you can).

Is the XB1 in a properly ventilated area? Is the area where it is placed cleaned regularly?

That's all I can think of. Normally, machinery emits heat when used. But if you feel it's abnormal, you can always exchange it while the window is still open.

According to Microsoft, if the top vent feels hot, that is normal. Read this:

 If the opposite side of your Xbox One, which houses the disc drive, becomes very hot, then I would suggest sending it in for repairs.

As for the noise, mine makes various noises when playing games, and it's usually something like this: (Granted, as long as I'm several feet away from my Xbox One, I can't hear it)

I've asked around and watched numerous videos on the subject, and as far as I can tell, unless your Xbox One makes a loud rattling noise, it's just a rather noisy fan in your console. It shouldn't do any harm.

Heres a little trick I started doing last gen up till now. take four 2 liter bottle caps, and prop them under the four corners of your unit. Keeps it nice and cool with a great air flow underneath the system.

STONEWALL, that video with the noise you are talking about its exactly the one I am talking about, so its normal then ?

It is normal, but not optimal in the way of silence. It works just the same as a "quiet" fan, I would assume, since my Xbox One functions just fine.

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