Verbal Abuse from a "doctor"

Basically a kid named "[Mod Removed]l" was giving me the hint to go shoot myself and **** while

[Mod Removed]. The icing on the cake? Tells me this on a message..." Hope ur  parents die of cancer" ... the gamer tags are as follows:

[Mod Removed]

ALL of these trolls are horrible people and shouldn't have the privlige to play online


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Please report any abusive behavior or other Code of Conduct violations through your console's File a Complaint process.  This will open a ticket with the Policy & Enforcement Team who can conduct proper investigations and take appropriate actions where necessary.  Also, please do not name and shame in the forums, regardless of what the other person may or may not have done.  Thank you for your vigilance in keeping the Xbox Community a better place to be.

Report, block and move on.

and toughen up

I don't see how those kids were trolling you, OP.

The only thing you can really do is block, mute and report the players being offensive. Nothing else can be done. The enforcement team will get to them eventually.

Filing a compliant is about as useful as washing your car in the rain. MSFT already has your money, why in the world would they go to any length to service you?

I beg to differ. I've reported many people, and was actually thanked by Microsoft for doing so. People do get dealt with online, it's just a matter of time.

How long did you have to wait? A year? More?

I used to think like you did. I reported every hacker and modder I saw. I'd play CoD 4 just to report hackers when I was bored. I have yet to be "thanked" or see any evidence of punishment for them.