using Xbox Slim Hard drive in older Xbox?

Hi Folks,

I'm considering getting one of those uber-cool GOW editions.  My issue is this - I have multiple older Xbox's around the house (living room, game room, bed room).  I like that I can simply unplug my HD and move my gameplay to any of those rooms very easily.

This new one, being an S model uses a different drive. I've seen some videos on how to use an older drive in an Xbox Slim, but not vice versa.  Does anyone know how I would be able to use my new Slim Hard drive in an old Xbox?   That portability of the drive from one to another is very important to me, and wold love to get this S model, but not at the cost of having to upgrade all my other units.

I hate how MS changed the HD.  For me, it sucks.


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Couldn't you just store your profile & game saves on a USB?

that can be done, but it's not the same.  I can't fit all of my installed games, game saves, demos, etc. etc..  Being able to switch drives is WAY better.  No need to worry about what data is on USB vs Hard Drive.  So if there is a solution out there, please let me know.

You can't move DVD-installed games between storage devices, let alone consoles. Games installed from DVD are locked to the storage device and console they're installed on.

Nothing stops you from downloading your content to each console's HDD. It will only work offline for the first console that downloads each piece of DLC, but that's the same state you're in now. If you really don't want to download it twice, use a transfer cable to copy the content from one HDD to another via System Settings, Memory.

Thanks for the info.  I just want to plug my drive into whatever Xbox i'm using that evening and play.  That's it, simple as that.  IF there's a solution to use a Slim HD in an old Xbox, let me know.  

It's not "simple as that". If all your consoles have HDDs, there's no reason to do what you're suggesting. A USB MU takes care of your profile and game save files. Everything else is stored on multiple consoles if it doesn't fit on the USB MU.

What you're suggesting currently requires tampering with system components. Not a good idea.

Well, I took everyone's advice and decided to move my profile and all game saves onto a new 16gb PNY Attache' USB Drive.  Took while, but got everything on the drive and everything seemed to be working great.

Then several hours later, went to play something only to have the Xbox no longer recognize the data on the USB stick.  It see's that I have a USB device plugged in, but when I go to view contents of the drive it says that I need to initialize the drive, which of course results in wiping everything on it!!

So now, I've lost 6 years worth of game save data for over 150 games.  I tried using a data recovery product that I've been told should allow me to get the data off of the Xbox only created partition and back it up to my PC, where i Can then move over to a newly formatted USB stick.  Sad to say, that didn't work!

I don't know who to blame, MS or PNY.  When I initialized the drive, the Xbox didn't report any issues.  The data is still there (i can see it in the Data Recovery Software), but the stupid Xbox just see's the drive as an unformatted drive.  So basically, I'm screwed.

Exactly why my preference was to just be able to take the damn drive out and use it in my older Xboxes.

Some brands seem to have problems if they are put into the console before it is powered on. Best thing to do is plug them in once the console has started up. Not much use to you but hopefully it will save someone else's data.