Using Xbox controller for Windows PC gaming

I want to use the Xbox controller as a gamepad to play games on my PC, but I cant find a list of all such games which can accept the Xbox controller as a gamepad. Is there a central list I can check to see if the PC game supports the Xbox controller?


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It will usually say on the store page if the game supports a controller, or on the back of the box.

However this list seems fairly comprehensive

I maybe VERY wrong but,  A Xbox console contoller is different from an Xbox PC controller.

If you purchase an Xbox Pc Controller it will work with PC games that support the configuration.

A normal Console controller is not usable on a PC without the right cable and drivers.........

A wired 360 controller will work regardless of whether it's "for pc" or the 360 however for wireless controllers you need to buy an adapter. Play and charge kits wont work.

Anyways, probably at least 75% of the games that are on steam have controller support available. Votes list is good if you're looking for big titles but you'll probably have a very hard time of finding a list of every pc game with support.

Thanks Bon3zz1001, I have the Xbox controller and the adapter (USB on PC) all setup and working fine.

The steam list seems to be the best bet. An interim way to search on a windows 8 PC is to actually search for Xbox 360 controller support in the store. That popped up a few names too.

Anyone know if there will be support for the Xbox One controller for PC games?

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