Using Windows Media Center to stream to 360, does it use internet data

I got a question that google aparently cannot offer so i decided to come here.

I recently moved into the middle of nowhere while im away at college and unfortunately for me all that was available was satellite internet. I know its not suitable for gaming but thats not why im here.

I need to know if using Windows Media Center to stream movies from my pc to my 360 uses internet data. Since its crappy satellite i have a data cap which is rediculous for what i pay, i only get 15gigs per month right now so using any of it to stream movies would be a no go.

I can move my external HDD to my 360 if need be but it gets annoying having to unplug it from my pc to my 360 every single time i want to watch something on my tv.

So ya, does anyone know the answer to this question? i would hate to start streaming only to find out ive burned through all my data this month.


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as long as the pc and xbox are connected through a router or switch or hub, then they will share data through the internal network. only applications designed to go online will use your data.

No, WMC does not use any data from your ISP. You could disconnect your modem and WMC should still stream to your Xbox without any issues.

YEAH, BUT it sucks, always knocks my Internet on its @@@ when ever I try watching a movie that I downloaded, couple months ago I was trying to watch THOR an Conan the Barbarian, Kept disconnecting my whole network about 10-15 mins in every time, Gave up went an bought some blank DVDs, never had any problems streaming MUSIC though, you don't need windows 7 media center for that, you just have to allow your media player to have a third party for stream.

Sounds like an issue with your router. Either some setting is preventing it from streaming correctly, or you just have one with a slow speed. Mine is 100Mbps with everything connected via wires and I've never had issues with streaming.