Using webcam with twitch on xbox one?

Alright. So does anyone know how i Can use the webcam on my labtop as a video feed/face cam for my twitch streams coming straight from the twitch app on my Xbox one? and No I dont have a kinect


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I'm pretty sure you can't use a web cam on the xbox one, only Kinect if you're broadcasting via the xbox one. I'm pretty sure if you have an Elgato or something you might be able to use a web cam with that, I'm not sure how that works though.

Thanks, Pick.

^^  Yea, Elgato has a simple button while broadcasting that will allow you to use your webcam.  Your laptop (or labtop) needs to be pretty beefy though.  I have an i7 with 16 GB or RAM... might be slight overkill, but ya never know.

Don't be cheap, get a Kinect. People may moan about paying the extra $100, but I'm happy with the investment and fun the Xbox 1's Kinect can do, make clips, voice commands, voice chat, console video chat, scan QR codes instead of entering redeem codes, gesturing, and play certain games with Kinect features. Kinect is truly a next gen device, better than using your webcam. I also have a Hauppauge HD PVR2 which I use to make Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 Youtube videos. I pretty much don't use Twitch except for when browsing the Dashboard and Store and there's some videos others have made when I look up games.