Using the 'Hard Drive Transfer Cable'

No hard drives were transfered :-D


I'm trying to use this to transfer data from an old 20Gb to a new slim style 250Gb hard drive but despite following the instructions I'm not able to transfer data.  The instructions say that if the console is on when you connect one end to an old hard drive and the USB end to a Slim console, if the console has the latest firmware a transfer screen will come on but that doesn't happen when I use it.  I know that it's working because I can hear the old hard drive spinning when I connect it so does anyone know what's wrong?    


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Hey Templar! Try this,1. Turn on your Xbox 360 slim 2. Connect the data transfer cable to the back of the Xbox 360(with the old HDD already plugged up) 3. Turn off your Xbox 360 and then turn it back on. Try that and reply with updates.Happy gaming!

Also if that doesnt work,go to the memory settings on your Xbox 360 and there is a transfer option there.

I've tried that but it didn't work and the old drive does not appear on the transfer list when I select the transfer option from the system menu either.

I just plug my hard drive transfer cable in then plug the second hard drive in to the cable, go to system settings then memory, you can view the data on both hard drives and move them from one to the other, Hope this helps :)