Using multiple headsets/separate accounts but same sound through both sets.


I think I get why this happens but I am wondering if there is a way to fix it.  So as the title says. Im talking about gaming headsets(preferably TBs and NOX specialists). We have two gaming headsets and two Live accounts. We are trying to play Black ops and get the sound to come through our headsets, but just our sound.  I hear all the game sound coming from both screens. Can I make it so when i listen through my headset, I hear whatever sound is coming from my character view and just that?  It sucks playing together with a friend and hearing footsteps that aren't anywhere near me. You guys know what I am talking about?  


Thanks in advanced


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The gameplay sound comes from your game > to your Xbox > to your audio device (tv, headset, etc.). The audio can't be split into two different signals during this process. It would be a cool feature on future games/consoles/headset though. Hope this helps.

True you can't split it into two seperats sources. I think if xbox sets out to make a new console they should see if theres a way to add some extra sound processors,  and then find a way to dedicate one processor to each user.  Till then the best solution is another xbox. Unless you like having an extra set of eyes on your screen.

Lame, my wife likes to snuggle during our halo 4 gaming sessions and I can't cough up the money for a whole repeat setup in our living room.  Looks like its hearing double until this gets addressed some day.