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Hello. I was asking if i can get banned on my other account if i use my first account (that is Permanently banned: Xx TRILLIONZ xX) for the DLC's and using it on the other account while the banned account is still signed in? Because i paid a lot of money on DLC's and i still want to use them   Please Reply. :)    Thank you for your time


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If they are on the same console as you downloaded them on then yes you will be able to use them with your new account and not fear a ban.

However if you have since switched consoles then you wont be able to use them. This is because you'd either need to do a license transfer, which you can't do because you are banned, or you'd need to be signed into Live which again you can't do because you are banned. 

i am relieved. thank you so much for your help :)

Just keep in mind, the License that is sharing the Content is not the owner of that Content. You can loose Access to it if you change Consoles from the one the Content was originally purchase on.

In short, when your profile that purchased the Content was Banned, you forfeited the Use and License of that Content. It will only continue to work if you stay on that same Console where the License to use the Content with any Profile resides.

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wow thats crazy then because I you think it as this way M.S ban consoles toward the end of the eyar and I know they do in order to increase console sales for game of the year quality games and by banning accounts they know that if your console get's [Mod Removed] up because of those content and linceses rights you have to keep on repairing it and repairing it inoder to retain all of those content...............really? scumbags --____--