useless controllers

Okay, about 4 months ago, i bought myself a new control pad after the old one bit the dust. About 1 month ago, the L stick begins to be unresponsive, so i swapped controlers with my younger sister who uses her new xbox for kinect games. Earlier this week, the B and Y buttons start to stick. I mean, what the hell Microsoft? Your products are getting worse. I had an original Xbox with the same controler for about 5 years, then it got wet and broke. Xbox360 controlers are so bloody useless. I'm half tempted to take a leaf from Noel Godin's book (the guy who pied Gates), but replace the cream pie with a control and bounce it off his head. Anyone else annoyed with control pads?

Also, why are the screws in the control pad such an unusual shape? I tried to dismantle it to deep clean it, but the screws, wtf man? Does MS have some sort of special deal where only registed people may dismantle pads to clean them or something?


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I've never had a problem with either the xbox controllers (the duke) or my 360 ones (going on three years there).

Maybe it would be a good idea to wash your hands before you play?

Also, how do you get a controller wet in the first place?

my brother left some stuff on the floor, i trip over carrying a cup of tea, right over the controler he also left on the floor.

And as for washing hands, theirs that and maybe i should snack less when playing. But a friend also said he had a problem with buttons sticking also.

Yeah, that sounds like the culprit. Snacking while gaming is a recipe for disaster. I get paranoid just drinking coffee while playing...

No offense op, but how can you complain about the controller when you said you snack while playing and you spilled tea on it?

Anyway, that sucks. I hope your next controller lasts longer.