USB Keyboard Usage

First of all, I know that you can't use a keyboard to play games. That isn't my question.

I question whether or not the keyboards have anymore functionality other than typing messages. I have played around with mine for a while, and discovered that the spacebar, ESC key, arrows, and Windows button have uses with the 360. Them being: ESC = B, most of the time, spacebar = A, most of the time, the arrows navigate up, down, left, and right, and the windows button activates the guide button.  Only the Windows button would have functionality during a game.


Is there any more that I missed in my experimentation?  I had a chatpad once(I don't know where it went...), and I remember a windows live messenger button.  Maybe there is a function that opens that as well? (CTRL + Windows Button would be my first guess)


Also, I'm unsure of where I'm placing this post.  It may be better suited for the Xbox Support » 04 - Using my console thread, but again, unsure.


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thanks for that, Televis1on.

I have been using a wireless USB keyboard for ages with my 360, and hadn't known about many of those.

I shall experiment and let you know if I find any more....

From what I know about the Chatpad from looking at the XNA and raw data dumps the messenger signal is unique to the chatpad. When I got the chatpad and wireless adapter I figured I would create a working driver for windows, but eventually stopped working on it. They could add in keyboard shortcuts to the dashboard, but the lack of support for the chatpad makes me think that will probably never happen for basic USB keyboards.