USB Drive??

i was going to partition a part of my 16 gig usb drive to use with my xbox, i also use it with my ps3, and it somehow became write protected and i have no idea how to un write protect it. i reformatted it once and it did the same thing when i tried to use it again. and it wont let me reformat it? help please.


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Without you mentioning the brand, no-one can really know for sure. Are there any switches on the USB stick that could have 'locked' it.

It sounds like you formatted it NTFS, it needs to be Fat32 to be recognized by the 360 & PS3.

Try formatting it in your PC to Fat32, that should correct things, you can also partition it through the PC too.

The name brand won't matter or factor in at all.

Also keep in mind, that XP and newer Windows Systems don't offer the FAT32 option when formatting drives larger than 32GB. In order to format a larger harddrive you will either have to use a third party tool, or use the command prompt with this command:

format /FS:FAT32 X:

Where X: is the drive letter of your USB drive.

I used a PNY Attache' 16gb drive on my Xbox recently and after I had transferred all of my game saves to it, the Xbox all of a sudden failed to recognize it and told me that I needed to reformat it again for use in my Xbox.

Totally sucked... lost all of my game saves.  I made the mistake of moving them vs copying them, so they weren't on the HD anymore!  :(

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