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Hi.  First timer here.  I'm not even sure I'm doing this "forum thingie" correctly.

Anyway, I want to put movies on an 8 Gig USB memory stick so I can watch movies on the xbox360.  So far I've figured out how to configure the USB stick for use on the 360 but when I put the stick in the in my net book, went into Windows Explorer and clicked on the listing for the USB stick.  It showed that there is a folder calledXbox360 and when I clicked on this folder it showed me that there are 10 files named Data0000 through Data0009.  These files take up all of the remaining space in the memory stick so that there is now no space on the stick for movies.

Should I delete these files or what?  If not what should I do?


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Those files are how the 360 uses the configured space on the USB, so do not delete them.

Go back to your 360 and copy any files you want to save back onto the 360. DLC can be downloaded again so don't worry about saving that if you are short on internal space.

Now go back to where you configured it and pick the Remove Xbox 360 Storage option. Your USB stick is now fit for use for the PC only.

If you want to put movies on the USB and use it for 360 storage simply pick the manual configure option and split the space. 

This is very helpful, so thank you. However, what I'm looking to do is put movies, music and videos from my computer on to the USB stick and then watch them on the 360.  Is there a way to do that?

When a USB Memory Unit is auto-created on the 360, it consumes the entire USB flash drive's capacity or the first 32GB, whichever comes first. In your specific case, the flash drive is 8GB, so the USB Memory Unit is using all available space on the Flash drive.

What voteDC said is correct. You need to resize the USB Memory Unit so that it is less than 8GB in size. This is a destructive process, hence the suggestion to back up your files before the resize. Once resized you will see free space under Windows. Your media can then be transferred to the free space on the flash drive for use with the media playback apps on the 360.

Note that the trusted, writable space on a USB Memory Unit cannot be accessed from a PC. The media file space on a USB flash drive cannot be accessed from the Storage section of the Dashboard. These two spaces are separated on purpose. Media files go on the latter. Save Game files and DLC go on the former.

Super new to XBOX 360!

I have moved my profile from the xbox to a USB stick, like a youtube video explained. I have downloaded the files that I wish to acquire.

do any of these Data000x files contain my profile? I have 25+ now. Where did my profile go? and can I get it back?  

Think of those Data001 files as virtual discs, it is into them the 360 saves its files. Your profile is in one of those files.

If it can't be read on the 360 any longer then you are going to need to recover your profile from Live