(urgent) Need help using XBox one outside of US (India)

Bought an Xbox one a few weeks back in the US and brought it to India today, was unaware of the voltage differences  and tried plugging the unit which tripped. 

Has anyone tried to use the Xbox one outsIDE of the US where they use a different voltage range(in US the cobs uses a 110v range whereas in India we have 220v)? What should I do now, should I buy a voltage converter which steps down the voltage or wait till september till the official unit comes to india and them buy a power adapter separately?

Any help is much appreciated. 


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Sell it and buy it from somewhere that uses the same electrical units as India

Get a step down, I sure hope you haven't broken your console. My country is 240v, I have allot of Japanese and Us Consoles, I do this with a multi out international board and one step down.

A step down should work fine but when the console is released in India you should make a call to Xbox Support to try and buy the correct power supply. Of course, if you're patient, selling and waiting or re-buying is the safest option.

You could got out and buy a universal power adapter and try that. Most electronic shops have them.

You should never use any kind of power/voltage converter with your console.It clearly tells you this in the manual/info leaflet that comes with your console.

If something goes wrong you void the warrenty.

The only thing you can do is buy the correct power brick for the country you are in.

^ I've been doing it for years and never had a problem, whats so different with the xb1? And what kind of warranty are you going to get on a console you bought from a different country?

Thinking the exact same thing Redeye. All it needs is the power voltage changed and made suitable for the amount India provides. Universal power adapters do the job just fine

Been through this countless times on the support forums.You should never use any kind of voltage converter with your console.Like i said,it does tell you this in the instruction manual you get with your console & official support have confirmed this many times.Use one at your own risk.

buy a 110V to 220V transformer !!!