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How long does it take for these Xbox one Jabronies to approve clips that I have edited?  I edited clips 4 days ago and still my friends can't see them, nor can I save them.

On another note, Hilarious Xbox says they want to keep a clean, safe, family environment that is why there is no swearing permitted.  No swearing? But its ok for our families to kill and massacre other virtual people? You guys should not be in the policing morals business, it varies from person to person. Plus my settings are between my friends only not the public.  I should be able to say what I want in private.


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is it instant..... you most likely didnt save it or it had an error and is lost....

Every clip that I have edited will not allow me to save it.  If I upload a clip and I don't edited it I can save it.  Have you edited a clip in Unload Studio and save it?  

Are your privacy settings set to strict or anything? If so, it might be preventing you from saving your clips or sharing them.

I have 22 videos uploaded to Skydrive   and almost 150 in "my Clips"  something tells me you are doing it wrong.. walk me through each step you take.. one by one...

Triple checked the settings everything is open.  Thanks though.

Yeah, it is instantly available once you upload. Was playing COD early this morning and a friend made a clip during the match. After he went and made the edit, uploaded it and i watched it once he was done.

So here's how it goes.  I'm playing Battfield 4 and I say "xbox record that" it records.  After the game I go to "my clips" via my profile.  I see the new clip there.  If I push start button the menu pops up and at the top it says "save". Ok now I select it and push "edit" and it takes me to Upload Studio where I can trim the clip and maybe add a skin.  Once done I upload it to my clips gallery.  Once I go to the gallery the original is there and I can save it still.  The new is there too but the save option does not exist.  If my friends in my party go to my clips they can only see the unedited version as an option to watch.  

I read online that xbox has to approve all clips to make sure we are not violating the COC. I would like some one to tell me one thing.  Has anyone edited a game pic in Upload Studio, edited it with a skin, and the were able to select "save"?

Thanks a bunch people!

do not save the original. Your edited clip is not saving as it will be considered a duplicate. Try to go right to edit... do your croppings, skins etc.. then save... and might as well save to Skydrive.. that way you have access to your clips off of the XB1 service

 as for the XB police approving... they listen for keywords... "racial, cursing etc" while it is uploading... it listens to the audio only, especially when you use the voice overlay...(kinect)  that is the reason for that slight delay before it reaches 100%  if it detects a curse, it will get rejected

I discovered a couple of things.  

1. I'm a high ***, the clips would not show save because they were all ready saved.  You can tell because in the upper right corner of the clip is a green check mark.  

2. Clips I have edited recently my friends can now view in my clips home.

3. I did a "record that" with no editing and my friends were unable to view it as of 15 minuets later.  So there is a delay in uploading your clip to when a friend can view it.

So half way there but no answer to how long it takes for friends to view recent clips.  Thanks for all the suggestions!

"Who's tha Masta"

There is an answer on how long fruends can view. Almost instantly once published. I viewed my friemds clip as soon as he said it was done.

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