Upload or Upload to Skydrive, what is the difference?

I was playing my Need For Speed Riv. and saved a video clip,  then when I went to edit it I was presented with two options.   Upload and Upload to Sky drive.    I used Upload only cause I didnt have a Skydrive account at the time.     So when you use the " Upload " only feature,  does that technically mean "Save it to the GameDVR" or does it actually Upload via internet to some sort of website? 



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It stays in your clips in the "Upload" app. If you upload it to your Skydrive as well, you can view it on the Skydrive app or website and download it to a computer if you wanted.

I thought it was actually uploading to a website cause it took so long.   The upload app is on the gamedvr then not the "cloud"?

Thanks for the fast reply!

I thought you got a skydrive account by default. I also assumed upload puts the clip on the store and your account for others to see while the skydrive option is personal.

Even if you delete the clip from your console it stays on skydrive, so if you have some really awesome clips you like I would upload them there

Uploading to SkyDrive gives you full control over the video clip.  You can then upload to your favorite site from there instead of being locked down in the Xbox One upload area.  So, if you wanted it to go on YouTube, SkyDrive it then post to YouTube.  Hope that helps!

Pro tip: if you have an xbox account, you have a skydrive account.

Shoot.  I had a good need for speed clip I wanted to share.  I think I deleted them after I used "upload" only.   Oh well now I know better to use upload to skydrive for the future


I had the same question. Essentially the 'upload' only function would be if you wanted to edit your clip (add voice over etc etc) and then save this to your 'my clips' section for your friends to view, but not add to skydrive.

However, if you're not bothered about editing the video, you can effectively just say "xbox record that", which will record the clip, then go into my clips and ensure you save it to keep it there.

If you're not editing your clip, there's no need to re 'upload' it after saving it in your clips.

you are correct Dargey but why just save them where no one would be able to see them.   the upload only goes to your clip section and the upload / skydrive makes it available anywhere to where you can share them like this...


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