Upload Clips Problem: No sound.

I have noticed since the release of Titanfall that none of my clips that either i record, or are automatically recorded any audio.

The video is fine, but there is no sound. The menu still makes noises when navigating around, and my old videos/friends videos play sound..

I noticed one other person on a random forum,


But no one answered them, and this is all i found on the matter so far...

Any advice?  Its not just titanfall btw, all games.


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Gonna put this into other thread too, realized this is general.

I've heard of this issue, but never actually experienced it until today when I saved a clip for BF4. :(

I believe this issue has something to do with the preview program. I, like GG had not experienced this until tonight. Would've been nice to have sound on my Mega Kill in Titanfall

^^ Same here. Recorded to TF clips tonight and no sound for either.

Found out how to fix it, Just doing a proper reset by holding down the power button turn off for a few seconds, and then just as a bonus unplugging it from the wall seemed to have worked.

Hope this helps.

Sure, that will work, but is a permanent or temporary fix? Can it or will it happen again?

i had the problem after the update so i just unplug it from the wall and it's working fine now