Upgrading to XB1 from 360 question

So I'm thinking about buying an Xbox One, not now but hopefully at some point in the near future, but before I do I have a question that could sway my decision against it.

I have quite an extensive collection of games for my 360, both disc and download (some played some not yet), and obviously I want to keep them to play in the future. I know that when buying an XB1 my Gamertag is ported over from my 360.

The question is; can I, and will I still be able to access the games and all the DLC I've bought so far on my 360 or do the 'rights' I'm given to the purchased content get removed when moving my Gamertag to the XB1? And am I able to purchase and download new software from Xbox Live for my 360 (which I'm keeping) after the migration to XB1?



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You don't actually move your Gamertag to the XB1 you sort of just add it, it's a different device. Just like you can have your Gamertag on your mobile phone xbox app or smartglass app or the win 10 app.

Don't treat it as a migration process.

To sum it up you can go back and forth between xbox1 and 360 and play whatever games you own whenever you want, you can even be signed into the 360 and XB1 at the same time.

Just to add,the xbox one will be backwards compatible for everyone sometime in November so you will be able to play most of your 360 games on the one.

That's great, thanks very much!!