upgrading hard drive

I have the 250GB xbox 360. Is it possible to swap the hard drive out for something larger? If so, what do I need to look for?


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It is indeed. It is called buying the official 320gb hard drive, such as this www.amazon.co.uk/.../ref=sr_1_3.


Kind of sad really that the size is so limited but how else would poor old Microsoft make money other than on over-priced peripherals.

You can also add as many 32GB flash drives as you want. Depends on how many free USB ports you have. I have the 320GB drive and have like 24 games installed plus around 80GB in DLC for games I'm still actually playing. Still have to free up around 30GB a month on average since I rent two games a month and buy one plus the games for gold now.

[quote user="Smiling Cat"]You can also add as many 32GB flash drives as you want. [/quote]

Not exactly: you can only connect two USB storage devices to the Xbox 360 at time, regardless of how many USB ports your console has. You can format more flash drives or external HDDs for use on the console and swap them if you like, but only two devices will be usable at a time.