Upgrading AC IV, any point?

I have AC IV on 360 but I have been thinking of upgrading to the Xbox one version, but is there any real difference in graphics? I have seen COD and BF4 and I didn't think there was much difference. But what about AC IV?


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I’m pretty sure they are the same with XB1 having better graphics. If you have already played through the game I’d put the money towards a different game, like Forza.

Well I am about 10 mins into the game, reason why I am considering the upgrade is that I seem to be on X1 more.

I'm sure the 360 version is great, Still when playing on the Xbox One version, I sailed that ship for the first time & a whale leapt out of the ocean my jaw dropped, My prob being a noob to the game is everything I run into I seem to start climbing up, I end up on more rooftops than I need to lol.

never played the 360 version but the X1 version of AC 4 is one of the best looking and best overall game ive played on the X1 yet!

Are you saying not much difference in bf4 360 and bf4 xb1?the difference is monumental!, There is a very good 360/xb1 comparrison video on IGN of AC4 graphics.


Im 92% sync completion on ac4 on xb1,the detail,the textures,shading and polygons are so much better on xb1,and the sheer size of the game it runs completely smoothly, the game looks alive imo,stacks loads better than ac1 n 2, i played in the past, the MP is pretty amazing too.


Ive nt played it on the 360,but if ya only 10 mins in,without a doubt get it on xb1, for a game that is 900p the xb1 has dynamically made that irrelevant.


After over 70 hours in story mode alone,I would do the game justice and enjoy it at its best on xb1. :)

The differences between bf4 on 360 and on One are night and day different, if you don't see that, I'm afraid Ac4 will too seem the same.

I didn't buy ACIV on 360, but I have seen it run and played some. At first, the XB1 version doesn't appear to be a generational leap, but a few hours in you'll start to notice that it just...does more. Graphics are sharper, crisper. Draw distance is longer and clearer. Controls are more responsive and the whole engine runs smoother. Environmental effects, like wind and the particles it stirs up. The sun and the real-time lighting effects of different times of day and changes in cloud cover and weather. The light sourcing at night and in darker places. The difference in a light shower, as compared to a storm. The physics on the ocean. The ambient activity of the world and its wildlife.


Don't get me wrong...the 360 does a great job and the game looks and plays beautifully. However the XB1 version adds a layer over that that makes it all the more beautiful and (IMO) so much more immersive.

Thing is these screen shots posted online are very hard to tell the true quality and difference between versions. You must see the difference first hand on the TV you will be playing on. I had 30+ hours into bf4 on 360 and when I switched to Xbox one on launch day the difference really is night and day. AC is also a big difference between the 2 versions.